The best thing about you could be flying to the Sun this Summer.

Traveling to the stars is the dream of many little boys and girls and many kids at heart as well. Of course as you get older, you realize that you need to be an expert in many subjects of math and science to be a part of any space program. The only exception of course is having a spare 20 million lying around to hitch a ride to space but you and I have none of that do we. So how can we get to space? What about this?

Wow! Shatner looks like he can still kick some Romulan butt doesn’t he?

Click here to have your name added the Parker Solar Probe going to the sun. Personally, my name will stay firmly planted on Terra Firma. ~Bill

P.S. I’ve always believed the best thing about us is our name, hence, this blog’s title… in case you were wondering. bh

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