15-20 cm of Snow this weekend in Cornwall and SD&G... possible.

No matter what the precipitation ends up being, snow, ice pellets, or freezing rain it will be messy.

Here we are 2 days before this weather bomb hits us, and all the meteorologists are having a tough time seeing what will happen in our region. Brockville through to Toronto and the GTA is expecting Freezing Rain. Ottawa, Montreal… snow. But Cornwall, because of our specific geography, no idea what to expect.

For us in SD&G, the weather warning is simple… Be ready for anything.

This message is posted up on the Weather Network and they’re not alone. Facebook group Ontario Blizzard Watch has said the same.

The Bill Halmanac concurs with all this and has to admit that it’s just going to be messy this weekend. If I had to guess though, it will messy but whatever snow comes are way will not stick around long and by the end of day Monday, this will all be a bad memory. Being that this weather system is a Colorado Low, I can’t see things clearly because I don’t have a license to practice Meteorology in Colorado.

Don’t let the weather stop you from coming to see us at the Chamber of Commerce Spring Home and Leisure Show, all this weekend at the Civic Complex. I mean spring has to show up sometime… right?

After this weekend (and early next week) It will start to feel more like Spring. I promise. ~ The Bill Halmanac

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