Hilarious Vet Signs

It’s no secret that our pets hate going to the veterinarian’s office. It usually means scary examinations, painful shots, and a strange, sterile environment. Of course, we only take our pets to the clinic because we love them and want to make sure they’re healthy.

When it comes down to it — the vet clinic is actually a truly wonderful place. However, they know that their reputation amongst the animal community isn’t the best. Thank goodness they have a sense of humor about it.

This is such a dad joke — but we love it.




Whatever it takes to get the word out.

 This vet has got a little gangster in them.

So, behave. We’re talking to you, parents.

I want to face palm and crack up laughing at the exact same time.

More responsible pet-ownership humor.

Just a good chuckle for your morning commute.

Now this is my kind of place!

 Don’t let history repeat itself, people.

Speak to your cat, before it’s too late.

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