What do Pop Star Ed Sheeran and Bill Halman have in common?

Everyone knows that Bill Halman is the Ketchup King. It’s been well documented by this photo by Cornwall artist James Pierre.

Bill has been consuming Ketchup since the mid 1970’s and considers himself the leading authority on the Fruit Smoothie.

Now, apparently, Bill has company from the Pop Music world in the way of Ginger Leprechaun Ed Sheeran.

Word is that Ed not only loves Ketchup so much that he keeps a bottle with him wherever he goes, he has the iconic Heinz label is tattooed on his arm. Gotta give it to him, that’s dedication.

good thing it’s not a tattoo of the coloured Ketchup!

Ed is such a fan that he has inspired a UK ice cream maker to perfect Ketchup Ice Cream. Ed has not officially endorsed this but Bill Halman does!

Not to be out done, In North America, they have been making Ketchup ice cream since last winter.

Full endorsement from me in the Ketchup Ice Cream. Now I just have to find someone locally who will make it. ~Bill

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