The Monster Trucks in Cornwall were "Spectacular"!

That. Was. Loud.

An awesome Sunday afternoon was made that much better with the folks taking the kids to see the best Monster trucks in the biz. Monster Spectacular brought the “boom” to the Civic Complex with four top notch Monster Trucks including the winner on the day, Bounty Hunter.

Now don’t look at that photo and wonder where all the people are. For safety, the bottom few rows were roped off. Folks did come out.

Also, if you were there and didn’t have ear protection on (maybe even if you did), like me, that first run of Monster Trucks smashing cars nearly stopped my heart with how loud it was.

Certainly by the end of the show, everyone had found their inner kid and had smiles ear to ear. Although that might have been the popcorn too.


Anyone who says there’s nothing to do in Cornwall really isn’t looking very hard. Hope that you had a great time like we did. ~Bill

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