New York Fries Closes Permanently At Cornwall Square

The New York Fries location at the Cornwall Square in Cornwall has permanently closed. For me a part of my childhood closed with it since I spent many of my adolescent years in the food court at the mall enjoying the odd fry, hot dog or poutine.

My routine when I was in high school was simple. Each paycheck I would treat myself to a new CD at the former Music World, which was also in the food court back then(now Tim Hortons).  I would be there every two weeks minimum and after my new purchase I would, along with a few friends, grab a bite to eat.  I know the Cornwall Square food court is still a place where teenagers hang out based on who I see there when I am shopping from time to time.

A sign at the front now reads “All delicious things must come to an end. This NYF location is now closed. Thank you for your patronage.”

Thanks for the memories…and the calories New York Fries.

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