If you're claustrophobic, take a deep breath and click!

If you’re claustrophobic like I am, then watching these types of videos about getting through small spaces will give you the Heebie Jeebies. I cringed watching these myself and even had to breath a little deeper to prove at the moment that I was not in that tight space. If it were me in those caves with the Thai kids who were ultimately rescued, I’m pretty sure they would not have gotten me out.

Good on all the volunteers who helped these kids and their coach get out. I couldn’t do it. How about some more tight space videos? You got it.

If you thought that was tight, you will freak out with this one.

This last video shows just how dangerous cave diving can be when one diver gets stuck and the water is rising.

Wow. No thanks.

Take a deep breath and be thankful you are in a non confining space. Who wants to go cave diving?~Bill




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