Ontario Gas Prices Among The Lowest In Canada Right Now

Not sure if you’ve noticed around Cornwall and SD&G the gas prices have gone down dramatically in the past week or so.

As a matter of fact, in Ontario, right now we have some of the lowest prices at the pumps in the country.

When this was written according to GasBuddy.com the average gas price in Cornwall was $1.06 per litre.

Let’s see how the average gas price in Ontario stacks up against all the other provinces average cost:

  1. Manitoba $1.07
  2. Ontario $1.12
  3. Alberta $1.13
  4. Nova Scotia $1.14
  5. Saskatchewan $1.16
  6. PEI $1.18
  7. New Brunswick $1.18
  8. Quebec $1.21
  9. Newfoundland $1.26
  10. B.C. $1.39

Some experts say the drop in prices has to do with oil refineries going to winter gas which is less expensive to produce. The Ontario government will tell you it’s because they scrapped cap and trade.

Whatever the reason, we’ll take the lower prices!



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