Homeless Man Pawns Off A Rare Bambi Photo For Just $20...There Is A Happy Ending

An antique store owner had homeless come in frequently to sell some stuff to make a bit of money. Even when he didn’t need or want what they had he’d buy something to make sure they could eat.

One day a homeless man sold him a picture of Bambi for $20 and the store owner wanted it since he felt he could sell it.

The after the man was gone he decided to change the frame and realized it was a animation cel from the classic Disney movie from 1937.

He decided to put it up on eBay and got $3,700 for it. This is where the good part comes.

The shop owner worked hard to track down the homeless man and give him his share at $1,700 and took him for lunch.

Upon then hearing his story he set up a GoFundme page for the man which has raised more to help him get back on his feet.

Canadians are good people eh?

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