Man Suing Burger King For Over $9000 After Being Locked In Bathroom For An Hour

An Oregon man is suing Burger King for $9,026.16 after being cheated out of free food for life.


On December 15th, Curtis Broomer ate his meal and then went to the bathroom at the Burger King in Wood Village. As he went to leave the bathroom, he discovered he was locked in. He called the store to get help and the employees tried everything, including a fly swatter (I know… random) to get the door open. According to the lawsuit, Broomer could hear the employees and customers laughing at him as they were trying to set him free. After waiting for over an hour, a locksmith finally came to unlock the door.

Broomer said after the incident, the employees offered him a “lifetime supply of Burger King meals at no cost”. The cost of his meals were covered for two visits (on December 16th and 18th), but after that the store broke the agreement.

Even though there was no legal agreement between the two parties, Broomer filed a lawsuit for retribution and damages for $9,026.16.  The amount is very specific because let’s say Broomer was to live until age of 72 and the cost of a Whopper meal is $7.89, it will equal to $9,026.16.

To be honest, Broomer isn’t asking for anything crazy. He calculated the specific amount and is asking for less than $10,000.00. Usually, people will sue companies for crazy amounts for no good reason.



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