Police, Educators And Hospital Staff To Be Commended For Reaction To Lock Down

Based on yesterday’s events we know our police service and educators are ready for an emergency.

Not that I didn’t believe they weren’t before, BUT, after seeing how they treated a situation where a man with an alleged rifle was spotted in the city, I am assured even more we are in good hands.

From the police response and communication to the schools and their protocol being followed to protect their students…our kids! Let’s not forget the folks at the Cornwall Community Hospital and the mental health facility.

Sure it turned out to be a pellet gun, but until they confirmed it, this city and all responsible for our safety acted in a perfect manner.

I have no time to hear how “inconvenient” it was to you, the bottom line is, we were kept safe.

Well done Cornwall Community Police and all the teachers and admin at the schools and those at the hospital who took charge.


Local schools were under hold and secure yesterday, and the Cornwall Community Hospital was under lock down, as police searched the city for a suspicious man.

Police got reports about man carrying a rifle near Seventh and Amelia, and Marlborough and Fifth.

After investigating, it turned out to be a pellet gun.

As of 4pm yesterday(January 8,2018), they said there was no longer a concern for public safety.

The suspect is still out there, but police say it’s hard to give a description other than that he’s a middle-aged man. ​

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