Fake News: Old Lady Makes Fur Coats Out Of Neighbourhood Cats

I look through many sources to get ready for my morning radio show everyday.

I often find stories that catch my attention but quickly end up in the trash after a quick search to find their validity.

Yesterday there was a trending story about a woman making fur coats out of neighbourhood cats.

The story had quotes and a very elaborate and believable tone.

It was alleged she used to raise kittens to then skin and use for the coats but got too attached and then started to kidnap area cats.

They also claimed the 85 year old lady used cat meat to lure them to her property.

Crazy story that sadly could happen.

When in doubt check it out…a simple rule to consider before you share a story on your social media feed.

It can be the content of the story or the source you’re getting it from.

There is plenty of fake news out there targeting people quick to share wild stories…don’t be one of them.

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