The best argument to not cutting your own hair.

Jeff Spicoli lives!

No one embodied the surfer attitude back in the 1980’s like Sean Penn’s loveable character Jeff Spicoli from the cult classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It was the basis for every stoner character that came along. and there have been many. but nothing like the original.

Enter “Al’s Dad”. I call him this because I don’t know his name but his infant son Al is in the room and he references him several times. Al’s Dad is the spitting character of Jeff Spicoli if Jeff was 40+ years old and needed a haircut. Please note two things with this video. First, Al’s Dad is proud of the cut he gives himself and two, he is not a bleeder.

This will be the funniest 4 minutes of your day.

Yes indeed Al’s Dad. Just Wham! ~Bill


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