Geek Gift Guide 2019: The ultimate holiday list for the nerd in your life

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“Nerdy” pop culture isn’t going anywhere. As evidenced by the legions of superhero or comic book-inspired TV shows and movies, not to mention the burgeoning of franchises like Pokémon and Fortnite, each one of us has someone in our lives who lives and breathes for this stuff.

From fanboy/fangirl items to quirky, unique presents to futuristic tech gifts, there is a literal bounty to select from in 2019.

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Below, we’ve put together some of this year’s best geek gifts, sure to please even the pickiest of recipients.

For the Lego maniac

Some things never change. Lego has been a starring holiday gift since it first showed up on toy-store shelves.

Kids (and adults) of the nerdy persuasion can spend hours — and sometimes days, depending on the Lego set — putting together their masterpieces.

Star Wars AT-ST Raider Lego set, $69.99, available at

Overwatch Bastion Lego set, $69.99, available at

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set, $179.99, available at

For the security-obsessed

The meticulous among us want to make sure we’re safe, our families are safe, our pets are safe. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially when you see these sleek tech gadgets that, as children, we never would’ve thought could exist.

Tile Mate finder with 200-foot range, $24.99 USD, available at the Tile official site

Tile Sticker finder with 150-foot range (waterproof), $39.00 USD/2-pack, available at the Tile official site

Nextbase 522GW dashcam with Alexa built in, emergency SOS and Bluetooth 4.2, $259.99, available from Nextbase

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For the Nintendo, Pokémon and/or video-game fan

Nintendo has been a staple for holiday gifts since the mid-’80s, and Pokémon has been around for more than 20 years. Both older and younger nerds can enjoy the bounties of these franchises, not to mention the endless other video-game-related options. Fortnite, anyone?

Nintendo Mario alarm clock, $34.99, available at EB Games

Pacman ghost light, $39.99, available at EB Games

Flame-action Charmander, $44.99, available at Toys R Us

Mario chain chomp lamp, $54.99, available at EB Games

Fortnite Risky Reeler Nerf gun, $69.99, available at EB Games

Fortnite Sneaky Springer Nerf gun, $29.99, available at EB Games

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For the music lover

Is the nerd in your life constantly playing music? Are they never without headphones? Then this gadget might do the trick.

Sonos One built-in voice control wireless smart speaker, $249, available at

For the phone addict

Winter can be a tough time for phone-using commuters or outdoorsy people; taking off gloves just to type or search the internet can sometimes be too big a sacrifice. Suffer no more with these touchscreen gloves, insulated specifically for the cold weather.

Mujjo double-insulated touchscreen globes, $72.40, available at (item ships to Canada)

For the unclassifiable nerd

A collection of geeky odds and ends, sure to please somebody.

Game of Thrones ‘Winter Is Here’ toque, $19.99, available at Retro Festive

Spider-Man blue crew socks, $12.99, available at Retro Festive

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick stocking with Santa hat, $19.99, available at Retro Festive

Naruto bust coin bank, $19.99, available at EB Games

Game of Thrones dragon egg ornaments, $9.99 each, available at Retro Festive

For more gift ideas, budget tips and the best (and worst) of holiday entertainment, check out our Holidays 2019 guide here.


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