5 songs you must hear this week: 30 August 2021

As Starbucks starts serving up pumpkin spice lattes again–no, really; they appeared for the season last Wednesday–we’re cleaning up the last of the summer releases. Make sure you stick around for pick number five for something weird.

1. Levi Evans, Back in My Head Again
Single (Independent)
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First, we heard of Bono’s daughter, Eve Hewson, as she embarked on what’s become a very successful acting career. Then along came Inhaler, the Dublin band fronted by Elijah Hewson, Bono’s son. Now here’s Levi Evans, son of The Edge doing his musical thing beyond a previous band called Muttley. He looks a lot like dad. But with hair. And no toque.

Sub Urban and Bella Poarch, Inferno
Single (WMG)
RIYL: Dark, whispery bedroom pop

With more than two million streams on Spotify and approaching 20 million views on YouTube, this collaboration looks like it has some legs. To fill in some blanks, Sub Urban is an American musician and producer while Bella is a Filipino-American social media personality. The video deals with a real-life sexual assault, so you’ve been warned.

3. Dirty Heads feat. Travis Barker and Aimee Interrupter, Rage
The Best of Dirty Heads (Better Noise Music)
RIYL: A Venn diagram that centers on punk, ska, and reggae

Does anyone have a count of how many songs Travis Barker has appeared on outside of Blink-182 over the last two years? We must be in the dozens. The latest example is a new track on the Dirty Heads greatest hits record (Travis also produced this song). They and Travis are joined by Aimee Interrupter of The Interrupters.

4. Ratinoff, Another Day
Single (CEN/The Orchard)
RIYL: Strokes-y style indie rock with a touch of 80s

If you’d told me that this song was from 1987, I’d believe it. While it does have modern flourishes, there’s something that brings me back to the indie-pop of that decade so long ago. Ratinoff (Joaquin Torres to his mom and once a Latin pop star who also had some acting gigs) has completely reinvented himself and is now pursuing the paths laid down by Billy Idol, The Cure, and New Order. Damn infectious this.

5. GOAT, Queen of the Underground
Headsoup (Rocket Recordings)
RIYL: Serious Swedish rock

Not everything out of Sweden sounds like ABBA or has to be a Max Martin production. In this case, it’s an experimental psych band that—according to them—is from a town that has a history of voodoo worship thanks to a witch doctor who moved in. Goat maintains that the band has been around for “30 or 40 years” and has coalesced around three original members. And did I mention that they wear masks and costumes when they play live? Okay. I’m in.

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