Ongoing History Daily: Beck’s family

We’re all familiar with the career and music of Beck, but his family has some pretty interesting history, too. His father is David Campbell, a composer and arranged—born in Toronto, by the way—who has appeared on nearly 500 gold and platinum albums, including records by Muse, Evanescence, Rush, Garth Brooks, and Harry Styles. And yes, he has done work on Beck’s records.

His mom was an actress who used to hang out with Andy Warhol’s crowd in the 1960s. She hung out with The Velvet Underground and later can be seen as a dancer in the Brian De Palma film, Phantom of the Paradise.

His grandfather on his father’s side was born in Winnipeg and was a Presbyterian minister. And the grandfather on his mother’s side is Al Hansen, a big part of the avant-garde Fluxus art moment in the 1960s, and he hung out with Yoko Ono.

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