boom 101.9’s Community Showdown Final Round

boom 101.9 is reaching far and wide

across the counties of

Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

to crown one community as the winner of

boom 101.9’s Community Showdown.


We put 32 communities head to head

in a battle of community spirit.


Every vote counts!


Tell your neighbors, friends and family

to place their vote daily


Every week communities have battled it out and

We have narrowed it down to 2 communities.


To celebrate, the boom breakfast

will be broadcasting live

for a special meet and greet breakfast

from the winning community


The Final Round is officially open.

Show your community pride

& place your vote.


Find out who will be crowned the winner of

boom 101.9’s Community Showdown

by tuning into the boom breakfast Thursday September 26th.


*The Winning community will be announced on Thursday September 26th.  Live broadcasting at winning community and community breakfast on Friday September 27th.  Location to be determined.  The final decision on the winning community is at the discretion of the boom 101.9 promotional department.