The boom breakfast with Dan & Bill

Dan Allaire – Host of the boom Breakfast 

I am a proud lifelong Cornwallite who has an  affinity for bacon and many other B words like Bourbon, Beards, (craft) Beer, BBQ and all things breakfast.  Many of the artists you enjoy on boom 101.9 live in my personal vinyl collection. I am married to Celine(yes someone was brave enough to say yes) and we have two kids, Janie(21) & Max(19). I am a huge Habs fan. I like to collect bobble heads and other cool figures(many can be found on my desk). I may or may not own a pair of Crocs…I’ll never tell.

Bill Halman – Host of the boom Breakfast

Bill has been in Radio for nearly 20 years and is proud to have travelled across the country to host shows in Yukon, Alberta and here in Ontario. Along with his wife Kristin, Bill has been raising his three kids, Jack, Delilah and Persephone in Cornwall for more than a decade now. In addition to helping wake up the Seaway Valley, Bill is also the Program Manager for both Boom 101.9 and our sister station 104.5 Fresh Radio. When Bill isn’t pressing vinyl on air, you can find him slinging gourmet popcorn at his family’s  snack shop in downtown Cornwall. Bill would also remind listeners if they want to get him anything, he takes a size “4 Person Hot Tub”!

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