Every Second Counts

There’s one in every group. The guru of musical knowledge. The one everyone wants on their music trivia team.

Well, you may know who’s married to who’s second cousin… and the release date of your favorite albums. 

Looking at you Darryl Adams. 

But how well will you perform under pressure.  Brush up on your musical knowledge because we are putting you to the test.  Put your money where your mouth is with

boom 101.9’s Every Second Counts


Congratulations Rick on winning the Jackpot!

Rick knew the 1 sec song clip Sleeping Bag by ZZ Top and WON $700


Mike guessed The boys are back in Town by Thin Lizzy
Jeff guessed Journey Stoned In Love
Joel had the wrong answer with More than a feeling by Boston
Tamara guessed wrong with Scandal – The Warrior
Gerald got it wrong. He guessed  AC/DC Back in Black
Doug had the wrong answer with his guess ZZ Top – La Grange
Mike had the wrong answer with his  guess Heat Of The Moment by Asia
Lorraine had no guesses
Heidi had the wrong answer with Courage by The Tragically Hip
Shelley had no guesses
Denise had no guesses
George had the wrong answer with Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions
Shelley had no guesses

Past winners

Congratulations Perry for winning $100 with your guess – Fat Bottom Girls by Queen
Congratulations Sheldon for winning $100 with your guess – With Or Without You by U2
Congratulations Brenda for winning $100 with your guess – Cars Gary Numan
Congratulations to Joel who won $150 with Rebone Come and Get Your Love
Congratulations to Jeff for guessing Sunshine of your love by Cream and winning $200
Congratulations to Dan for guessing Land of Confusion by Genesis and winning $100.
Congratulations Kim for winning the $200 Jackpot by naming the 1 sec clip of Breakfast In America by Supertramp