Incredible Edibles Plant Giveaway

The plant giveaway is back!  Community volunteers, plant growing partners and members of our Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group have been growing over two thousand seedlings for the sole purpose of giving them away.  Individuals can pick up two free plants either for replanting into your garden or keeping some we have repotted into permanent pots for your step or balcony.  

So if you love growing and eating fresh food but don’t have much space, or you are new to starting a vegetable garden this is your way to continue or to begin.   This year the public giveaway is taking place on Saturday, June 3 between 11 and 1 pm. at a location near you:  Mattice Park (Lennox St. and Edward St.), in front of the Aquatic Centre (100 Water St.) , St. Theresa Park (335 Thirteenth St. West) and Agape Centre (40 Fifth St. West).  The plants will be given away on a first come first served basis, but quantities will be replenished at times.   If you don’t know very much about gardening, don’t worry, as there will be an experienced gardener at each location to help advise you.  For those taking plants in permanent pots, just keep them in a sunny spot and watered and you will be enjoying your  own food such as tomatoes, beans, peppers or chard. For those with a garden we are offering a variety of plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, herbs and raspberries.

We have also reached  out to organizations throughout Cornwall and SDG so their members, clients or residents can grow their own vegetables.  Over twelve organizations have responded and will be picking up their plants on June 2

None of this would happen without the passion and hard work of the members of the Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group members and many community gardeners and partners who have grown these plants.  Equally important are the 30 some volunteers who repot plants and give them away on the days of the event.  If you are interested in food, growing plants, or helping in your community you might like to become more involved yourself.  We would love to hear from you at

We are also grateful to our stalwart partners that help make this possible: Marlin Orchards, Cornerstone Organics, the City of Cornwall, Agape, Local Fill, Kinsmen Club of Cornwall, Zip Grow, Early ON, and the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (with which Transition Cornwall+ is a working group).   

The Food Action Group of Transition Cornwall+ hopes to see you at one of our give-away locations for our Incredible Edibles. Please spread the word to your friends and neighbours.