No One Goes Hungry

When times get tough,we ALL play a part in helping our community.

One person can surely make a difference… But, a community? Well they can change the world.

Help boom 101.9 and Freshco make a difference in our community by ensuring No One Goes hungry. All you have to do is purchase a Freshco gift card from now until July 1st in support of The Agape Centre Cornwall and you will be donating necessary resources to The Agape Centre Cornwall Food Bank – supporting over 1400 people a month.

No one deserves to go hungry, and together we can help make sure no one does

Last year, we were able to help feed our community during the “No One Goes Hungry” initiative with your help and we raised $5,800 for The Agape Centre along with 604 lbs of food.

Together, we can make sure

NO ONE goes Hungry in our community!